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Picture: Ignacio Ferrer

Architecture is a discipline that has evolved a lot over the years. We have moved on from ruler and bevel to screen and graphic tablet, and all this taking into account new technological and digital advances which, at first, focused their gaze on sectors such as cinema or video games. Architecture has adapted to the new times, and has done so to the point of no return. Today, 3D architecture is much more than a technical representation. It is the most visual and realistic way of transmitting our ideas, and the most attractive way of selling our project. Therefore, if you are an architect and you are passionate about design, studying architectural visualization could be your next step towards the future, and at FX ANIMATION Barcelona ArchViz School we make it possible.

What is 3D architecture?

When we talk about 3D representations in architecture, we are not only talking about three-dimensionality, but we are focusing on something as essential as design. The aim of all this is to make an accurate simulation of any project, and for this, any detail acquires a special relevance in the process. Issues such as materials, textures or the treatment of light are taken into account with the intention of creating photorealistic scenarios, capable of transporting the viewer to our created space.

Why is 3D representation important in architecture?

Architectural visualization brings with it a large number of advantages that go beyond aesthetics. It is a great help in the design process in any field:

  • Because it means working with ever shorter delivery times, thanks to the reduction of production time.
  • Because it allows us to carry out a trial and error process with infinite changes and possibilities.
  • Because it helps us to detect any faults that may be imperceptible in 2D drawings.
  • Because the client can get a preview of the final project and be sure of what everything will look like once it has been executed.
  • Because it becomes a very valuable marketing tool for any company in this sector.

What software is used for this type of architectural visualizations?

As we have said before, most of the software used for architectural visualization was originally developed for other types of sectors. Over time, they have found their way into many fields. Some of the most important ones we teach at FX are: 3ds Max, V-Ray, Unreal Engine, Substance 3D, Forest Pack, RailClone and Corona Render. In fact, we are an official school of Chaos Group, Autodesk and iToo Software, as well as an Academic Partner of Unreal Engine.

If you would like to request information about our 3D architecture training courses, just contact us and we will advise you on what you need to find the one that best suits you.