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The infoarchitecture is the result of the combination of computer graphics and 3D architecture and is born with the aim of showing the final result of an architectural project, developing visualizations in a virtual way. Essentially, it is capable of capturing an idea as realistically as possible before it is executed. Needless to say, all of this has brought a number of advantages to the architecture and interior design sector. If you find it interesting and want to go deeper into it, at FX ANIMATION ArchViz School we have a wide range of archviz courses which we know that you are looking for.

Why study archviz courses at FX?

Infoarchitecture, also called architectural visualization or archviz, is a discipline that is constantly expanding, due to the development of software that allow us to always go further in the methodology applied. For this reason, it is also one of the most demanded professions in the sector, and there is no agency that does not use photorealistic images when selling its projects.

If you want to become a true professional in this area, studying archviz with us will give you everything you need to develop your skills:

  • Learn to master the most in-demand software in the industry.
  • You will have the necessary licenses to use programs such as V-Ray, 3DS Max or Unreal Engine.
  • Be capable of turning your ideas into reality and develop your creative potential to the fullest.
  • This will allow you to carry out your personal project under the guidance of one of our teachers who are active in the sector.
  • You will be able to take the official V-Ray certification exam by Chaos Group.
  • We will provide you with a lifetime of technical support, which you can call on whenever you need it.
  • You will enter our international job pool.
  • At the end of your training you will have a complete portfolio ready to present to any company.
  • You will leave here highly prepared to enter the working world.

And the fact is that 99% of our students find a job once they finish their studies. That is why we are considered the 2nd best architectural visualization school worldwide by the Rookie Awards. In addition, we are the only school in Catalonia Academic Partner of Unreal Engine, so you will not find a better place to train in this software that is revolutionizing the world.

If you are determined to train with archviz courses and want more information about all the options that we propose in our school, you can visit our FX ANIMATION Barcelona ArchViz School website and fill out any of our forms. We will contact you as soon as possible to advise you on what you need.