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Picture: Joan González

Let me guess… You have just graduated and you are looking for a professional master in architectural visualization that will allow you to specialize in that branch of the sector that attracts your attention so much: architectural visualization. What if I told you that you are in the right place for it? At FX ANIMATION Barcelona ArchViz School we offer you the best training to boost your professional career and develop all your skills to the maximum. We are a high performance school with more than 14 years of experience training infoarchitecture professionals with a high quality curriculum that has positioned us as the 2nd Best School in the World in Architectural Visualization.

Studying with us is synonymous with success. The numbers speak for themselves: 99% of the students who graduate from our school find a job right after leaving. And all this is due to the work of our teaching staff, our constant updating in terms of technology and innovation, and the effort and talent of each and every one of the students who pass through here. Because the good results are the result of constant work, dedication and the desire to improve, always being up to date with the latest trends and software.

Choose your professional master in architectural visualization

At FX ArchViz we have different courses and masters that will allow you to develop by areas, according to your interests. All of them in online mode, without giving up the professional quality of a face-to-face training. Our classes are broadcast live and always try to encourage student participation to ensure clear communication with the teacher. In addition, the fact that places are limited also guarantees the personalization and individual treatment to each of our students.

Masters in Architectural Visualization to become a real expert

  • Superior Master in Architectural Visualization
  • Professional Master in Architectural Visualization
  • Specialization Master in Virtual Reality for Architectural Visualization
  • Official courses to deepen the most demanded softwares in the sector
  • Official Course in V-Ray for Architectural Visualization
  • Official Course on Landscaping with Forest Pack and RailClone

The future is here

In the last decades, we have witnessed how Architectural Visualization has been gaining more and more relevance within the sector. Interior design and architecture studios are applying it more and more, and it has become a very powerful advertising tool. The hyperrealism that we manage to apply in our projects is much more than an aesthetic issue. It also involves a whole host of technical features that have allowed us to improve the results of all this when it comes to carry it out in a physical plane.

That is why it is a booming work, highly demanded by various sectors. And at FX ArchViz we aim to prepare you to become a professional of the present and the future. Choose your professional master in architectural visualization and boost your career with us.