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Picture: Ilaria Baudino

Autodesk is a benchmark in 2D and 3D software focused on design and construction. For this reason, if you want to dedicate yourself to being an interior designer, it is important that you choose to do an autodesk interior design training. And for this, in FX ANIMATION Barcelona ArchViz School, Autodesk Official School, we have masters and courses that prepare you for the working world, making you an expert in programs such as 3ds Max, one of the most advanced tools for 3D interior rendering in the sector.

What can you do with an autodesk interior design training?

Autodesk 3ds Max is a professional software that allows us to create photorealistic 3D modeling and animation quickly and easily. And it does so by handling all stages of the process in a versatile way, allowing us to create high quality renderings in real time to achieve an unprecedented immersive experience.

Some functions we can perform with 3ds Max are:

  • A significant improvement in 3D modeling, texturing, shading, 3D rendering, animation and effects, as well as an optimization of the workflow and production systems included.
  • High resolution and automatic optimization of geometric models.
  • Intelligent extrusion on 3D objects, in a flexible and intuitive way, automatically reconstructing the adjoining faces for an optimal result.
  • The roasting of textures, which makes it possible to optimize the effects of both simple and complex surfaces.
  • It allows creating OSL maps and importing files from other programs such as Revit and AutoCAD.
  • Its interactive graphic windows give us access to previews of effects and rendering materials.
  • It protects our work against harmful scripts thanks to its safe loading function.

All this and much more is what makes this program the most demanded within sectors such as architecture, interior design, cinema or video games.

What training does FX ArchViz offer for interior design?

At FX ArchViz we are pioneers in offering training in architectural visualization. We work with the most cutting-edge software in the industry, offering specialized courses and masters in online mode, with live classes and with a personalized treatment to each student.

Some courses you can opt for with 3ds Max in your educational curriculum are:

  • Master’s degree in Architectural Visualization.
  • Professional Master in Architectural Visualization.

All our training courses include a final period in which the student carries out his or her own personal project under the supervision of our teachers. After passing, you will be part of our job pool indefinitely and will receive our post-course counseling for life. 99% of our graduates find their place in the working world as soon as they leave. Are you ready to find yours?  Contact us for more information about our autodesk interior design training.