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Picture: Marc Sánchez

Would you like to become a specialist in infoarchitecture? Are you an architect or designer and want to master the most powerful rendering tools to perfection? If so, we invite you to read this article and learn more about our master advanced archviz

If you are interested in this world and want to learn next to a quality school, FX ANIMATION is your place, since we offer an online methodology in streaming, through teachers who have extensive experience in the sector, and extensive knowledge about the most advanced techniques and the most innovative programs. 

Our transversal training, in which we have introduced the most famous softwares of this world in all areas, such as our architectural visualization area, and our great work over the years have made us a pioneer school in the field of architectural visualization training, and the second best in the world. 

There is no doubt that studying at our school will give you great prestige and will make you a great professional. And the fact is that, through our training, our students will finish our courses and masters, having created an extensive portfolio, with professional quality work, both in rendering and VR, which will facilitate their positioning in the labor market. 

In addition, if you are a Master’s student, you will have to carry out a final project, individually and tutored, which will become a great cover letter for future job opportunities. 

Our master advanced archviz with Unreal Engine

One of the most demanded masters, at the moment, is the Virtual Reality for Architectural visualization with Unreal. This tool has managed to introduce the world of VR to sectors such as architecture and interior design, breaking with all the parameters and schemes. A program that conquered these sectors a few years ago, and is achieving unparalleled results!

Thanks to this software, we can generate graphics in real time, so you get, for each step performed, instant results, without having to wait long hours as with other 3D programs. 

On the other hand, through the immediacy of the images that are achieved, we can modify any design that we do not like at the moment. Besides being able to show the project to the client, so that he can see how his ideas and desires can become a reality, in a much more realistic way. 

 For this reason, being a specialist in Unreal, as an interior designer and architect, will open endless doors for you professionally. It will be an added value in your resume and, above all, in your portfolio. So, if you want to know more information about our master advanced archviz and open doors in the world of architectural visualization, do not hesitate to contact us.