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Picture: Drusila Rodríguez

Whether for large-scale architectural projects, interior design, urban planning or landscapes in general, infoarchitecture has become one of the key resources in the development of realistic visualizations. In the digital era, the figure of the architect, interior designer or landscape designer has evolved a lot. By using advanced software, specialists in this field are able to obtain accurate images of the final result even when the project is still an unrealized idea. The demand for professionals capable of carrying out all this is growing, and at FX ANIMATION Barcelona ArchViz School we have set out to train the experts of today and tomorrow. Therefore, if you want to become an expert in the subject and master the most demanded programs in the industry, we have the perfect photorealistic rendering course for you.

Why study a photorealistic rendering course?

Infoarchitecture is a growing trend. Thanks to all that the new techniques of 3D graphic design, photorealism and animation allow us, it has become an essential marketing tool when exposing any project to potential investors or private clients. In fact, it could be said that architecture is no longer understood without this type of architectural visualizations, and that is why training as a specialist in this branch of design opens many doors.

Studying photorealistic rendering is essential if we want to add value to our knowledge and position ourselves in a sector as competitive as this. But not all courses prepare you the same. At FX, we are pioneers in this field, and we have already established ourselves as the second-best place to study ArchVIZ at an international level.

All our courses are online, with live classes and limited places.This means greater comfort for the student without having to give up the personalized attention of our teachers, who are always attentive to resolve any doubts and ensure the highest quality in the content they teach.

We define ourselves as a high performance school, and that is why we manage to prepare all our students for the working world in the most efficient way possible. And we can assure that 99% of them get a job when they finish their studies with us.

These are just some of the most relevant data that define us and that, to date, have earned us the endorsement of more than 800 companies worldwide. Because studying photorealistic rendering course with us is synonymous of success, we invite you to take a look at our training through our website. You can request more information by filling out our form.