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Company Services


From professional to profesional

At FX ANIMATION we have a wide experience in company formation at a national and international level. Since we know that your employees’ time is key to your productivity, we create customized courses so that your employees receive training in just the areas they need. In addition, we adapt to your circumstances: the courses can be either in our school or in company, either in person or online. As an added value, you will have technical post-training advice whenever you need it to guarantee the success of the training.

Depending on each company structure, FX ANIMATION offers the following services:

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Find out about Fundae’s bonuses to subsidize your training

All national companies have a credit for employee training that comes from a percentage of their social security contributions.

FX Animation will help you with the paperwork to get a bonus for your course through Fundae (formerly Tripartite Foundation) and contribute to the professional development of your workers with a minimum investment. Take advantage of this opportunity!

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Headhunter or HR Recruitment

If as a company you are faced with the challenge of selecting a technical profile and you need advice with the process, from FX ANIMATION we can help you. As trainers, we know perfectly well the competencies that a candidate must present for specific areas and what performance he or she is capable of offering, either at employee or internship level.

We have our own database of our AlumniX among which you can find the most suitable profile for your company.