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Superior Master in

Architectural Visualization

Training mode: Online in streaming

Date and Time:

Starting Date: October, 2023
monday to thursday – Schedules:
4pm to 6pm*

*(Spanish time zone)

Required Age :

+ 20 years


Online Live streaming


9 months


English or Spanish

Architectural Visualization with

3DStudio Max, V-Ray, Forest Pack, RailClone and Unreal

Over 1000 trained students support us.

Become the expert in architectural visualization that the sector is demanding.

The student will master not only the operation of the programs (3DStudio Max, V-Ray, Forest Pack and Rail Clone) but also the techniques and methods of building photorealistic renders and virtual reality (Unreal Engine). The student will be able to face any preview project no matter how complex it is and will achieve professional quality finishes.


In addition, they will learn how to import FBX objects from 3DS Max to Unreal, the engine’s material editor, nodes and textures. You will work with the lighting tools available in Unreal Engine for the creation of photorealistic environments, the use of Blueprints for the development of interactivity, post-processing and dynamic effects, as well as landscape elements that facilitate the generation of natural environments with vegetation, water, etc. The student will also learn how to add environmental sounds to make interactive presentations more immersive.


At the end of this training, students will develop a personal project creating renders and VR, thus completing their professional portfolio. For this, they will be tutored by our teachers and VR experts.


  • Educational licenses (3DS Max, V-Ray , Unreal).
  • Official V-Ray certification exam by Chaos Group.
  • Corona Render Seminar.
  • Final project mentored.
  • International job board.
  • Post-course assistance for life.

Who is it for

  • This master’s degree is aimed both at professionals in the architecture or interior design sector who want to specialize in architectural visualization and virtual reality and at all those who want to develop a professional career in the sector or add value to their curriculum.


  • In order to access this master’s degree it is essential that students demonstrate that they have skills in the use of CAD software, in addition to studies in interior design or architecture, and it will be taken into account, positively, if they have previously worked with 3D tools.


  • Autodesk Official School
  • V-Ray Official School and Certification Center.
  • Agreements

Study with us

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99% Job placement

lifetime National and international Job bank 



FX ANIMATION is the only specialized 3D training school with a program for graduate students that is completely free of charge. The AlumniX program was born as a recognition of the effort and the well done work of our graduates and for that reason, we will continue to accompany you once your training is over.


Once your final project has been approved, you will have access to our job bank for life. Our job bank, network of contacts, events and constant promotion on social networks, will facilitate your incorporation into the world of work immediately. Linked to the school through the AlumniX program, graduates will continue to evolve professionally.


If you are a Master’s student, once you have finished attending classes you will enter the Final Project stage. This final project is individual and is tutored by your teachers so that the quality of your projects is your letter of introduction as a professional.


Once each student has completed and approved their training, they will have a portfolio of professional quality work (both in rendering and VR according to training) that will facilitate their positioning in the labour market


Part of our work with students and AlumniX is to encourage networking and continuous updating in terms of news, software, new techniques and work tools. We promote among our community of students, attendance at masterclasses with experts in the sector and events related to their training and also fun, so that your experience in FX will be unique.